I’m not a huge fan of meal plans. They tend to be too restrictive and they don’t teach you how to put meals together you enjoy.

However I also know that if you haven’t thought about how you put meals together before, then simply telling you to figure it out is quite overwhelming.

So introducing… *drum roll* skeleton meal plans!

These are base templates to give you an idea of how a day of eating might look. They provide some structure, whilst having calories spare so that you can fill these calories with whatever you like.

** Note: I have added frozen veg to these as a reminder to add veg to your meals, but honestly I would say that you don’t have to track veg as it’s mainly water and fibre, and we don’t want to be restricting it based on calories!

1400 Calories (for people on 1600+ calories)

1850 Calories (for people on 2000+ calories)