Calorie & protein target

I have set you an individual calorie and protein target based on your energy needs and goals. This is a start point from which we will monitor and adapt as required.

Protein is minimum daily target & calories are a maximum weekly target.

Focusing on calories and protein simplifies nutrition and stops you putting time and effort into variables what simply don’t matter.

The reason you have no carbohydrate or fat target is because I want them to change daily. I want you to have a varied and flexible diet. Setting carb and fat targets makes all 3 targets really hard to hit within calories and reduces the flexibiltiy you have in your diet.

Focusing on calories and protein will not only get you the body composition results you want but you will be able to enjoy your favourite foods, have a glass or wine or gin and go out for social meals.

I also want you to get at least 5x servings of fruit and veg per day.

This is how you achieve and maintain long term results.

Nutrition targets

  • Average weekly calories

  • Daily protein target (this is a minimum)

  • 5 fruit & veg a day (this is a minimum)

  • Good sources of fat 3x a week e.g. oily fish, olive oil (this is a minimum)

  • Stay within 20% of calorie target – this avoids binge/restrict cycle

  • Diet flexibility! – if you want to save calories for a social meal or 2 on the weekend then drop your calories during the week, if you end up going out for unexpected drinks then lower your calories over the next few days.

    Your body fat stores are dictated by your energy balance over time. Not one day or one meal.