80% of this is mindset, so it is important that we start changing the way we think about nutrition and exercise.

Below are some key mindset changes that I think are absolute game changers!

The principle of imperfect action

If there is one thing I would like you to practice it is the idea of imperfect action.

What this means is getting rid of the idea that you need to be perfect to see results.

Too much pressure on yourself to be perfect can cause feelings of failure or guilt, which can then in turn cause people to give up, which is not what we want!

It’s also the idea that when you can’t do something perfectly, it is still worth doing.

For example, say if your step target for the day is 10,000 but you’re busy and know you can’t go out for a long walk. Instead of thinking “I know I can’t hit that target so I may as well not bother”, realise that getting 7,000 is still great! You may not have been able to do 100%, but doing something is still taking you closer to your goal, and you are still getting so much benefit from doing it.

What will my future self thank me for?

It’s easy to belive that giving ourselves what we want right now in this moment is going to make us happy.

But often the things that give us long-lasting happiness require some sort of delayed gratification.

If you ever find yourself having to make a difficult choice about what to do, think “what would my future self thank me for”?