Skeleton Meal Plans

Below are some example meal plans to use for inspiration.

Remember that these are just so that you can get an idea as to what a day of eating can look like. They are not set meal plans for you to follow. Finding meals you enjoy and making sure you have a variety of foods is key!

The best way to use these is to pick one a few hundred calories below what your target is and then use those extra calories for sauces, treats or other things you want to eat.

*Note: I have added some frozen veg in these, but honestly you don’t have to weigh or count vegetables, as they are full of water and fibre and so good at bulking meals out to make you feel fuller, I would say that the more veg you add to your meals the better!

1400 Calories (for people on 1600+ calories)

1850 Calories (for people on 2000+ calories)