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FTA Fitness!

Want a better way to improve your health and fitness without focusing on restriction, shame and guilt?

I help people who are fed up with dieting their lives away get stronger, fuel themselves properly and feel more badass!

1:1 Client
    1:1 Client

    “I no longer feel like I need to beat myself up over it. It isn’t this really hard inconvenience, it’s a way of life that makes me feel better. You can’t fail or succeed at it.”

    1:1 Client
      1:1 Client

      “When I signed up for this I was convinced I didn’t have the time. That inner voice was telling me “You’ll quit”. I had this idea that getting stronger and fitter had to be a struggle and has to be really hard, but that’s not the case.”

      1:1 Client
        1:1 Client

        “I had such low expectations for myself. I thought these progressions wouldn’t be possible for me. I’m now past where I wanted to be at this point because I didn’t think I would be able to do 100kg deadlift or chin ups with weight.”

        Hi, I’m Rob

        FTA Fitness is built on the foundation that fitness and nutrition should add to your life, not take away from it.

        We focus on improving daily habits, getting stronger and building ourselves up, instead of restricting and making ourselves smaller, even if our goal is fat loss.

        We focus on strength and how we feel first, because when we feel better we’re more likely to do the things that take us toward our goal.

        And we never use nutrition and exercise as a punishment.


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