Don’t let fat loss be your only metric of success

I want to talk about something that’s been on my mind recently.

It’s a subject that’s come up when talking with clients.

And when talking to people who keep “falling off” with their health and fitness goals.

It’s something that is both upsetting and frustrating.

And it’s this…

People missing out on a better quality of life because their only focus is fat loss.

To explain why, here’s a typical pattern:

  1. Person wants to lose body fat and get healthier
  2. Person starts exercising, moving more and making better choices with their nutrition
  3. Person puts all their focus into what they look like and uses it as the only metric of success
  4. Person has a bad day and gets frustrated at a perceived lack of visual progress
  5. Person thinks “if I’m not seeing any changes, then what’s the point?”
  6. Person gives up and goes back to their old habits

Can you see the issue?

Even though this person was implementing some incredibly beneficial things into their life.

They stopped simply because they didn’t feel like they were changing visually.

And it’s something I see all the time.

People giving up just because they don’t feel like they’re getting leaner.

Even though they’re doing incredible things for their physical and mental health.

Look, wanting to lose body fat is fine.

But there are so many other reasons to work on your fitness and nutrition:

  • To have more energy
  • To improve your sleep
  • To feel stronger
  • To improve and maintain muscle mass
  • To improve bone density and avoid osteoporosis
  • To improve your mood and mental health
  • To improve your sex life
  • To be able to play with your kids and grandchildren when you’re older
  • So you can stay active as you age and embarrass your family at parties
  • Because the confidence gained from it spreads into other areas of your life

These may be less tangible, but they’re so much more important.

So if even if your goal is fat loss but you don’t feel like you’re seeing progress.


You are still benefiting in ways that are far more important than simply losing body fat.

Don’t let a perceived lack of fat loss progress stop you from improving your quality of life!

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