Exercise and Activity



I have one rule when it comes to exercise…

Exercise is NEVER to be used as a punishment!

Your time working out should be used to build strength, build muscle and increase fitness.

We focus on resistance training, because there are numerous benefits that come with getting stronger. It also helps us to achieve that “toned” look that most people search for.

If fat loss is our goal, then exercise is not the way that we make it happen. Instead, we use our time outside of the gym to accomplish this via diet and activity.

Activity target

Your activity levels are the most underrated part of health and one of the best ways to increase your expenditure if fat loss is your goal.

A graph showing the reduction in all cause mortality risk based on step count

As you can see above, there is a massive reduction in risk from all-cause mortality by simply making sure you get around 6,000 steps per day.

One thing to note is that this target is an average, which means if you have trouble hitting this on some days then you can make up for it with some longer walks on the weekend.

You will get your own personal activity target based on your goals and your current lifestyle, but I would recommend that you start to think of ways you can increase your daily/weekly movement.

I would also recommend getting a cheap step counter off of Amazon. This is because if you use your phone then it won’t count any steps you do whilst it isn’t in your pocket.