5 things you can do IMMEDIATELY to improve your health, look and feel better

1. Eggs for breakfast
I’m a big fan of intermittent fasting, but I know that a lot of people are equally as fond of their breakfasts. When I do indulge, there’s only ever one option. Eggs.

That’s right. Drop the shitty cereals, milk and fruit juice combination and the granola that “health doctor” swears is good for you, eggs are quite simply a nutritional powerhouse and amazing as a breakfast. The protein and the fat will also keep you satisfied for longer. Add in some coconut oil, some grass-fed butter if you can handle it or some avocado if you’re from East London and you’re golden (and NO FUCKING BREAD).

2. Drink more water
I’m going to keep saying this until it soaks in. There is no real reason you should be drinking anything else, EVER.

The only exceptions to this are things like green tea, white tea or at a push any other tea without milk. That, and good, freshly ground coffee (because it’s fucking gorgeous). Anything else is just unnecessary, which leads me onto my next point…

3. Discard the excess
Cereals, crisps, biscuits, snacks, treats, fizzy drinks, sauces… the list is endless. We’ve become so accustomed to demanding that our meals and lives be full of firework explosions of taste sensations that we’ve lost our connection with simple food and using it to give our body the nutrients it requires. Just fucking get rid of it.

Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE food, but you need to shift your thinking most of the time from being “what do I really fancy” to “what’s going to give my body the nutrients it requires”. When you start looking at food with regards to what it can provide for you and basing your meals around this, this whole thing becomes a lot easier.

A simple way of putting a meal together: protein source + nutritious, low GI carb + a healthy fat source + a couple of portions of veg = a nutritious meal.

4. When in doubt, sweet potato
No this isn’t some sort of obscure 1950s dance move…

Sweet potato is SUCH a nutritious food it’s unreal. It’s also got one of the lowest GIs of any carb source (as long as you boil it, don’t bake it for long periods). If you’re ever unsure which carb source to choose for your meal, you should probably just grab some sweet potato.

Almost zero calorie and packed full of fibre, nutrients and phytonutrients. These little beauties can help: prevent cancer, destroy cancerous cells, boost mood, improve memory, decrease anxiety, increase libido, decrease depression, increase IQ and make those trips to the porcelain throne a more enjoyable experience.

Two handfuls with every meal.

Find a way to like them, or just shove them down your throat and cry. I don’t care, just get it done.

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