Fitness Myths That Need to Die

When you love talking to people about health and nutrition as much as I do, there are certain conversations you …

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Sleep Hacking: tips, tricks and my routine for a kick ass sleep

Sleep. Elusive for some, seemingly effortless for others. Growing up, sleep wasn’t something that came easy to me. A hyper-active …

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5 things you can do IMMEDIATELY to improve your health, look and feel better

1. Eggs for breakfast
I’m a big fan of intermittent fasting, but I know that a lot of people are …

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Resistance Training 101

So you’ve finally given in to the pressure of your personal trainer/mate or read the latest fitness article telling you …

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How to look and feel awesome all year round

1. Get your nutrition sorted

Nothing new here, and if you thought anything else would come first then I’m sorry …

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Nutrition 101

So with Christmas and the New Year firmly in the rear-view mirror and the distinct taste of regret for eating …

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